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Reading – Ephesians 6:5-9
At work, there will always be some tension between the employee and the employer. The biblical teaching on work is, in a way, simple. First, it presents a new dimension to the Christian employee. He does not accept the employer as if it was the supreme authority, but receives God’s guidance for his conduct. His work is a way to serve Jesus, to testify on his behalf. So he gives the best of himself. Second, it presents a new dimension for the employer as well. The employer who knows Christ has in his conscience that he is, above all, a servant of God. He deals with employees in the same way that the Lord deals with him. Love guides his administration. Exploitation of the labor of others, unfair remuneration and despotism are not part of its administration. Blessed are those who “freed from sin and enslaved to God, yet have their fruit unto holiness, and at the end eternal life.” (Romans 6:22) God requires of us, workers and employers, to be faithful servants of one another.

Ildefonso Torres