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Today’s Reading: Psalm 32:1-5
The first step to a cure is to recognize that you are sick. The second will be to seek a remedy. The person who does not get its objectives presents a similar situation. The offender, in their folly, tries to ignore the problems, disguises the situation. Sometimes you do not know, or refuse to understand that everything is clear in the eyes of God. For human beings, knowledge is hereinafter gradually obtained. By contrast, the knowledge of God is simultaneous, all at the same time. He sees things in their entirety. That divine knowledge is called omniscience. God knows us completely and perfectly. It is therefore sheer nonsense to try to hide our transgressions. We need to address them and fight them. Without treatment, a disease continues, corrodes and kills. Likewise, the act of hiding a sin in our heart is a sign of spiritual death. Conceal transgressions bring misfortune, defeat and ruin, more confession and forsaking of sin will bring merciful forgiveness and peace. We must pray daily: Lord, help us to be honest before you, because we want to receive your mercy and forgiveness in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Ildefonso Torres