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Today’s reading Genesis 2:24
The home consists of a man and a woman. Children are born, grow and then leave. They belong to their parents only for a while. So when the woman’s husband is relegated to the background when children are born, you are making a mistake. All the time is now spent with children and housework. The children take the place of her husband, rather than the commandment of God, he should only occupy. In the situation we have described, the wife has no time for the husband and then he looks at work, fun and often in other women the attention and affection lost from his own wife.

Then recriminations come along: Ah! After our children were born, we never had time for us. And it’s true, if a woman is extremely busy with the housework and care of children, she does not have time to cultivate the love of God-given companion. There is time for everything! It’s time to conquer again!

We need to learn that the home should be an example of fellowship and that time can be shared among people living in one house.

Ildefonso Torres