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Split Home
Today’s reading: Proverbs 21:19
Every day that passes, more people are divided between the hell of a troubled home and the weight of loneliness.

What to do when relations deteriorate? When fights, insults and lack of pleasure set an irreparable distance? When the nights become silent and speechless, and hearts desires some relief and peace?

What is best for the children, a daily fight or one visit per week? Is the dilemma between the company that is not supported and loneliness that is not desired?

What should we do? The answer is in God, in His Word, in his teachings. The answer lies in love. Awakening the old love will one day existed and find in Christ the way to live better and in fellowship.

Love helps contentious people overcome their miserly, his bitterness and pessimism; Love shows the way of tolerance and understanding. Understanding is an opening that begins with dialogue and ends with communion. Having communion, the desert wilderness is avoided.

Only God, in His infinite love, can eliminate the disagreements in our homes and fill our lives with understanding and friendship.

Ildefonso Torres