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Reading Today: Prov. 3: 27,28
Is it worth doing good today? Isn’t too risky? Many people “think twice” before performing a good deed. And this is a wise thing, since we live in a world filled with dubious intentions. So we need to know the true meaning and importance of kindness. To be good or practice good deeds, is easy. But how should we? With a spirit of detachment or attitudes charged interest? Christ showed his kindness. First, with its own actions in life and after with his death and resurrection, reconciling man with God.

It was often misunderstood and wronged, but the number of people who were benefited by his goodness was greater than the damage he suffered. Doing good is, above all, the duty of each individual and an obligation of the Christian. One that recognizes the importance of kindness in his life is, objectively, helping others and following in the footsteps of Him who is the best example of kindness, Jesus Christ.

We will, with God’s help, grow day by day the precious gift of kindness.

ldefonso Torres