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The Forgiveness Of God
Today’s Reading: Psalm 86:15
Today, with invisible chemicals we can produce a paper that can be erased without leaving any trace of ink. This is the grace of God in the hearts of the repentant. They receive cleansing through the forgiveness chemistry that leaves no trace. After forgiveness, you need not remain saddened by sin. Some people cannot accept forgiveness, they cannot forgive themselves, they cannot accept the forgiveness of others and do not believe in the simple promise of forgiveness. Guilt makes life become bitter, somewhat difficult, sad and senseless. God does not want this life for His children. No one has to bear the huge burden of guilt.

God forgives because He is merciful and good. We are not forgiven because we deserve forgiveness, or because we promise to be good in the future, or because God does not take seriously our sin. We receive forgiveness because Christ died on the cross and rose again for our justification.

Pardon is forgiveness! No need to ask the reasons why God forgives us. We need to simply accept forgiveness and thus live a free and useful life.

Ildefonso Torres