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Peacemakers - PGN small
Today’s Reading John 14:27
Peace, a nice word with a deep meaning, much discussed among men, but also seriously compromised by their attitudes. The human beings seem unable to understand that their ambitions threaten the lives of others and jeopardize their welfare. Even worse, there are people looking for profit and advantages overlooking justice and rights, basic elements that peace between people is built on.

Jesus calls peacemakers “blessed” or happy. But after all, who are the peacemakers? The peacekeepers have a Christian conscience of what is justice, law, and the welfare of others. So, they sow peace wherever they walk.

Peacemakers are always ready to act swiftly and boldly when people around them are affected by conflict and strife. They are always promoting peace.

Peacemakers are humble; they understand that peace is not always achieved through government’s diplomacy but also through simple gestures that reveal to men, righteousness and the love of God.

May God make us instruments of peace in this world full of strife!

Ildefonso Torres