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Rebellious Children
Today’s Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
The poet says: “There is not a more beautiful music than the sound of the door latch when my kids come home”.

Where are your children? Lost in the dark night of drugs? Of wild sex? Are they perhaps delivered to the whims of irresponsibility?

Whose fault is it? The unjust and cruel society? The government? Parents that don’t spend time with their children, and don’t love and discipline them?

We do not advance in any way by blaming each other. To find solutions, reality must be faced with firmness. We must remember that God forgives our mistakes and helps us return to the path of authority over our children. Authority, however, is not authoritarianism but the first step to get to the dialogue.

God communicated with us through dialogue with his Son Jesus. He came to us and gave us his living Word. Today we have communication with God and call him Father! If that reality is part of your life, there cannot be barriers that you cannot beat to communicate with your children. The power that overcomes all barriers is the same that broke the separation between God and us: The power of love!

Ildefonso Torres