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Today’s Reading: Hebrews 1:1-3
Just watch the stars on the sky and you will be amazed by the grandeur of the universe. Thinking about the stars, planets and galaxies, something so huge, it is beyond our comprehension.

Also think of another world: the world of cells and atoms, particles and creatures infinitely small.

For God, who created all this, there is no distinction between large and small things, including important facts and those who apparently have no significance. For him everything is important, because big things are made up of small: as the vast sea, which is made by water droplets and the vast desert, by tiny grains of sand.

God is concerned with eternity and the minutes of your life. God is concerned with the great events of your life, as well as the problems and difficulties of every day; be it a disease, a purchase you will make, a trip or an account that you have to pay.

You do not bother God with your small problems, for He is the great God who cares about the smallest detail. Talk to him today, he is interested!

Ildefonso Torres