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Pesimismo No
Today’s Readings Job 30:26, 14:18-19, Lamentations 3:16-18
Is our world getting better or worse? What do you think? Some say they simply observe what is happening every day to see if the world is improving or worsening. Everywhere we hear about muggings, violence, hatred, poverty, wars, and we suffer in our own selves. All of these make us pessimists.

The pessimists proclaim everywhere that there is no future. Nobody can change our world. No matter who governs or what we do, things will always be the same. No future, and if there is no future, why are we going to care? That pessimistic spirit places humans in a “every man for himself” situation. Each one defending what is their own. Only an unbridled egotism that does not seek to defend the interests of others, but only self-satisfaction and momentary pleasure.

Do not enter into the situation of pessimists. All is not lost, because the future really exists. And although God is in control of all things, we are still accountable to him for our own destiny. These are the two parallel lines that cannot be crossed. One is the sovereignty of God and two, our human responsibility.

If you believe in an eternal, almighty, sovereign God, you know that he will not leave his creation unfinished. Future exists, and in the future there is hope. So, if there is future and there is hope, it is impossible to be pessimistic!

Ildefonso Torres