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True Love
Today’s Reading: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8
There are many forms of love. The love we have for ourselves may be legitimate and natural, and it can also become blind and selfish. The love of parents for children who, to some extent, is an extension of the love we have for ourselves. The love a man has for a woman, which in many cases does not support the struggles of life and eventually melts.

What are the reasons that love falls apart? There may be many reasons, but one of them is in the nature of love that depends on the physical, external aspects of the beloved.

True love is found in Jesus, the Son of God. He, despite our ugliness caused by sin, and although we cannot pay, gave his own life for us.

It is that love that you need! That is the love that surrounds us and enables us to truly love, without expecting anything in return. And the benefit that the love of God brings is a cheerful, helpful and happy life.

God loves us in Jesus Christ spreading the love!

Ildefonso Torres