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God Exists
Today’s Reading: Hebrews 3:4
You can find thousands of people who are able to forgive, think, work, build, and this is splendid. But none of these will be discussed in the television news. Think about the girl that came back home and was forgiven by her parents, think about the people who sacrifice every day for reasons related to others they truly love. Think of thousands of young people who are not mired in drug use, thousands that don’t give themselves to vandalism or sex.

Think of the thousands of human beings who live an honest and productive life. There is little that you will read or hear about these things, but these things happen every day. Everywhere you will find people who care about their neighbors and are able to share their lives with love. There is a mysterious force on the world stage that moves hearts and prevents selfishness, greed, hatred and injustice from destroying us. This mysterious force undoubtedly exists.

It is God, present in this world, He is more than a force, He is the Almighty, the Creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the Supreme Being. He really exists and leads the destines of the universe. No crisis can destroy our hope!

Ildefonso Torres