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Today’s Reading – Matthew 6:25-34
I feel a little uncomfortable with the words of the song: “My fate will be what God wants” because that god mentioned in the song may not be the same God I believe in. After talking about horoscopes, luck, crystal balls, etc., concluding that “my destiny is that which God wants,” gives the impression of an impersonal God, a kind of fatalism or destiny.

There is no fatalism of destiny. You are a being created in the image of God and God is sovereign, He is in control of everything that happens and what will happen. However, you think, work, choose, make decisions, and this substantially changes your life, your destiny, your future. This means that although God is sovereign; you and I are responsible for our lives, our decisions and our future. We cannot suddenly drop everything and say it had to happen, it was already written. Two parallel lines that cannot be crossed, human responsibility and the sovereignty of God.

We cannot give way to the selfish desires of our heart and hope that the future is uncertain. In that case, we do not win anything blaming ourselves or God. What we must do is, seek God with our entire heart and move on even if we dislike his principles and directions. If we do this, we will live intensely every day, leaving tomorrow in the hands of God.

Ildefonso Torres