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Today’s Reading: Isaiah 40:31
Trust in God in times of trouble, is like the vision of an eagle. From the heights, she has a vision of the big picture with her powerful eyes. That is why the prophet Isaiah, in times of crisis for the people of God, says: “…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.” This is an affirmation of security for those who confronted with problems, difficulties and pain, will not fold, but trust in God.

There is no possibility of knowing the future, or to know what will happen tomorrow. This does not affect our lives when everything goes well, when there is peace within the normal routine of life. But when problems arise and crises afflict our lives, our families; the concern is transformed into anxiety. We do not get to understand the events, the way out that could bring us back the peace and joy. We start to think, moreover, that God forgot about us. You cannot keep thinking about the circumstances of the moment, you should not suffer thinking that the barriers are impassable.

There is suffering and injustice, yet I trusted in God. There is no desperation for those who wait on God and intend to obey no matter the conditions.

Ildefonso Torres