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Dialogue 2
Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 10:20-25
There was never a time when we spoke as much as today and yet had so little dialogue. No matter the means of communication or the meetings around the table, if what prevails is the opinion of some or the defense of certain points of view.

There is corruption everywhere, power and strength are imposed; making it impossible to open and search for the truth. This happens because there is no dialogue without empathy. We need to really take an interest in the lives of others and be willing to serve and love them. God communicates with us but at the same time, through forgiveness, removes any barrier that separates us from him. Thus the dialogue makes forgiveness possible and results in a pleasant communion with the people we love.

Do not forget: our dialogue with God is the way to dialogue with our brothers. Because God forgives us and loves us, we can forgive and love. Only true love can enable us to have a real interest in others.

Ildefonso Torres