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Greatest Treasure
Today’s Reading Colossians 2:2-3
All of us are full of good wishes and desires. Some of these desires are necessities and others are just fads.

We have the desire to have many possessions, houses, cars, property, money and even people.

There is, however, something good, a treasure that not everyone can see; not all imagine exists or consider its value. When someone, by the roads and ways of life, finds this treasure and possess it, has no need to own anything else. And if someone has the misfortune of not finding it, even if he has all worlds’ goods, he has nothing.

Jesus is the greatest treasure that any mortal can have. With Jesus, life is everything, without Jesus life is nothing.

Jesus! We want to help you find him and know him. Not that He is distant or lost; but very close to you. We’ll help you find him in your own life and your own heart so that you can say: I have Jesus, the greatest treasure!

Ildefonso Torres