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Fountain 3
Today’s Reading: 1 John 3:14, 18
A doctor wrote: “Without love, we lose the will to live.” Our physical and mental vitality is unbalanced, lowers our resistance and succumb to diseases that demonstrate, often fatal.

Maybe we escape the real death, but what remains is a poor and empty existence. The alternatives are love and perish.

Love and live! Love is not only felt, but also share. He is giving himself to another person. It seems paradoxical, but according to God’s principles, the more share their lives, more lives will be happier and feel.

Make today a commitment in your life, a commitment of love. Win over selfishness; forget yourself, to be able think of those who are beside you. Ask yourself, “What should I do to make someone else happy?”. There will always be an opportunity to say a word of encouragement, to reach out to the tired, to help a child to smile and understand. All this is possible when Christ is the center of our lives. He is the love that came to dethrone our selfishness and give us life.

A reminder of God in the Bible tells us: “My little children let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

Ildefonso Torres