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Secret Vows
Today’s Reading:Malachi 2:14–15;Matthew 19:6
Who is married knows that the phrase “Happily ever after” is not fully reflected in reality. The problems, crises always arise in the life of the spouses. And for some the dream remains just like a nice relationship, not formal, working with joy and consolation.

There are difficult days in marriage. No one can deny it. There are moments full of conflicts and problems. Times when, basically, we thought we’d finish it all. At such times, strong emotions, feelings of anguish and rage dominate. But remember that there is something in your life much bigger than the feelings and deeper than sadness. They are the sacred vows of marriage. Commitments that you took before witnesses and before God. And God himself will help fulfill his word: “He promises to love, be faithful in all, in health or in pain, in joy or sorrow, till death do us part.”

These commitments need to be affirmed, from time to time, through words and actions. This will be a firm foundation for the solution of problems and to regain joy, peace and satisfaction of husband and wife.

Ildefonso Torres