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It is sad to hear someone say: “I’m not good at all, I’m no good for anything!” Certainly, this is displeasing to God, who created us in his image and likeness. You are a special and wonderful person before God. No other human being just like you around the world, and everything you do can have a special touch.

There are human beings who paint with ease; there are others who excel in scientific research; others have an exceptional ability to lift a brick wall; and others are able to compose music that everyone likes to hear and sing.

All this is the gift of God; a wonderful God who created the wonderful and complex human being. And the greatest of all gifts is the life that God gives us in Christ Jesus.

Don’t remain admiring the skills of others. You also have your skills! All of them should be placed at the service of God and neighbor. Only one life will make you a happy person.

Ildefonso Torres