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Today’s Reading: Philippians 4:13
Thanks to television, every day we have before our eyes, images of disasters that occur all over the world: Fires, floods, contempt for human life, accidents of all kinds, all kinds of crises of life.

We all have our crisis. And when these occur, we must decide immediately what to do. We need to act quickly to avoid greater evils.

However, our best efforts may fail and the crisis becomes a disaster. Do you know? Those who love God are not free of failure. God does not always free Christian of these ruinous situations. The important thing, however, is how the Christian faces crises of life. Is it hopeless? No!

The Bible contains words of hope to face times of crisis. We understand that tragedies are in the hands of God. He has a plan for our lives. We need to be calm and know that He is God. He is our security and hope in times of crisis.

Ildefonso Torres