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Today’s Reading: Proverbs 18:24; 17:17
What is, truly, a friend? A friend is an instrument of comfort. It is the person to whom we entrust our secrets and fears and from whom we receive comfort. Before a friend we have the audacity to show the innermost aspects of our lives.

We do not expect from him careless irony or destructive criticism. The hand of a friend is a help and relief hand. A friend is also an instrument of comparison. He makes us love justice and avoid evil. A friend is used by God as a mirror in which we see the reflection of the wickedness and the hardness of our hearts.

A true friend not only speaks words we like; what we want to hear. A true friend is not flattering. He participates in our joy, but disagrees with our mistakes. The hand of a friend guides us and disciplines us.

Being a friend means to have love and be faithful. It’s not possible to be faithful without love. Love comforts, fidelity compares. Jesus wants to be your friend!

Ildefonso Torres