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Today’s Reading: Matthew 6:25
We live in a cruel and inhuman world. It is difficult, therefore, to say who is good and who is useless. Everything looks the same. And we begin to think that way about ourselves; in the end what are we? Or worse, we feel rejected, cast aside, ignored.

For many people, life has lost meaning. Then we begin to ask: “Is it worth living? Is it worth being a human?”

What is the problem? The problem is that we have distanced ourselves from God and, because of that; we find no value in ourselves or others. Many people live horizontally; never raise their eyes to God; they don’t believe in Him and experience His salvation. Faith in Jesus can change the feelings we have for ourselves and for others. Discouragement disappears when we accept and understand the love and forgiveness of Christ to us.

There is an old saying: “If someone calls you a donkey, do not listen. If God calls you son, dress your royal robes”

Jesus said that God cares even for the birds. And we are not worth more than the birds? We must trust in Jesus, trust and know how special we are to him and to those around us.

Ildefonso Torres