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children 3
You need to always be doing an assessment of your life. Your family, especially your children, need you now when they are growing. Children who spend the whole day without the affectionate presence of their parents, without feeling the security that your authority represent, without physical contact with them, without your spiritual warmth, have the potential of ending with all forms of imbalances.

Without the presence of their parents, what advantage will they draw in the future just because you provided them with a good school, a nice house or a nice car? If their lives are disrupted by psychological crises, fighting and insecurity at home, all the material goods that they can enjoy will be of little value in their lives and their emotional state.

What children need most, time, love, understanding, discipline, you can give now. Just some dedication, time and a lot of love for them will do. Rest assured that the investment represented by these intangibles will mean for them, the difference between success and failure.

Ildefonso Torres