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The Fear 1
Today’s Reading: Psalm 22 & 23
A simple walk can become a nightmare for an ordinary citizen. Such is the violence and the number of assaults on towns and cities. Add to this the fear of losing their jobs, or having no food, or a nuclear war, or that their children would be into drugs or alcohol. Life has become something that frightens us. None of us is exempt from these problems.

In Psalm 22, David describes his situation: “Many bulls have surrounded me …” and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth… “. How many times have we have felt in the same situation? But in Psalm 23, David expressed his confidence in the Lord. The Lord provides shelter, food, water, protection, just as a shepherd does to his sheep. We should not live terrorized by the evil around us. We should not fear death.

Why not? Because God is with us to lead us to a safe place. Many times we place our trust in the wrong place. Governments and politics can fail us. Friends can leave us. But nonetheless the place where we are or whatever the circumstances, God is always present, He is worthy of all our trust in life and in death, He will never fail us!

Ildefonso Torres