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Today’s Reading: John 14:6
To say nice things, even if they should be a tough truth is a good way to get along with most people. Almost nobody gets upset when they hear good things about themselves. However, a relationship based on flattery, apart from not lasting long, leads us to live in unreal and illusory situations.

People need us to speak the truth, though at first the truth can hurt them, sooner or later they will realize that true friends are those who speak the truth with a sincere desire to help. Be honest; tell the truth, it does not have to be rude or offensive. Arrogant sincerity, without love, is synonymous with an attitude that puts us in a position of superiority and self-sufficiency.

The truth must be expressed, but with smooth and gentle words, filled with love. Love that doesn’t reproach, love that only suffers with the mistakes and the blunders of our brothers and sisters. The truth must be told; but it is only possible when we live in the truth, when we walk in the truth.

Of course, the truth exists. Jesus is the truth!

Ildefonso Torres