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oday’s Reading: Ezekiel 33:30-33
“Nobody understands me, nobody understands me!” This is the expression of many people. There are many people who feel misunderstood. They think that those around do not care for them enough to understand.

But for you to be understood, it is necessary that other people hear what you have to say. And this means you have to open your heart with sincerity. Also, for you to be understood by others will require that you understand them. If we are not willing to listen carefully to what people have to say about us, we will not be able to understand them. So if others do not understand, how can they understand us?

Before you say: No one understands me, nobody understands me! make the decision to comprehend and understand others.

Of course this will cost you, at least a commitment of sincere love, of confidence without yielding. Before you say: No one understands me in this house, try to listen to others, understand them and give them of your time.

Remember: Love overcomes incomprehension. In Christ you find love and forgiveness. He loves and comprehends you!

Ildefonso Torres