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Vanity 2
Today’s Reading Ecclesiastes 1:1-2
Please pay attention to the following story: Every morning, a large car arrived in front of a bank. The door opened, and a well-dressed man in a dark suit stepped out of the car. He walked with a cane, greeting some elegantly, waving others slightly. He entered the bank, crossing the hall and disappeared through a small door inside. There, in the room of the officials, he got rid of his fine clothes, dressed in the elevator operator uniform and operated the elevator facility throughout the day. At the end of the day, he dressed again like a banker and appeared in the hall just as he had done in the morning. He entered the car that waited for him and disappeared. He had a more imposing appearance than the president of the bank.

This is vanity, considered as the trait of being unduly vain or conceited. Vanity exists in the hearts of men, but seems ridiculous in the eyes of God. For God knows what happens in the human heart, even the most hidden secrets.

Does vanity dwells in your heart? Our vanity and pride disappear when we compare our lives with the life of Christ. He was immense and made himself small, he was rich and became poor, he was Lord and became a servant. In Jesus, vanity, arrogance and pride disappear before the humble spirit of love and service.

Ildefonso Torres