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Believe And Feel
We are in the era of sentimental and emotional religiosity. Although we must also recognize that there is formal and mechanical lifeless religiosity, devoid of human warmth and positive results. But we should not confuse the empty and formal religion with emotional feelings. Strong emotions such as tears, sighs, enthusiasm, laughter and applause are not proof that someone is sincere. God knows and looks inside our hearts.

We are always running the risk of placing feelings above faith. The risk of condemning people who do not go through the same religious experiences we’ve been through.

It is good to remember: belief and feeling are not antagonistic. However, we need to be aware that a person can feel something without having the true faith in God.

Faith does not depend on feelings, but feelings must depend and be grounded in faith.

If you approach God with faith, seek to live by faith, not by feelings. This will give security because even if you do not feel anything, God will be there, directing his steps, guaranteeing eternal life.

Ildefonso Torres