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Today’s Reading: John 20:26-28
The resurrection of Christ was an incredible event for his disciples. They saw him nailed to the cross, tied hand and foot; they saw the soldier’s lance penetrate his body; and they witnessed his burial.

Thomas expressed disbelief at the first appearance of Christ, and when he heard the stories, said he would not believe unless he saw the prints of the nails and put his hand into Jesus’ side. Then Jesus appears again and challenges him to put his finger in the wounds in his hands in his side. “Do not doubt,” Jesus said, “but believe.”

We may have doubts about many things, but there is a historical fact on which we cannot have any doubt: the fact of the resurrection of Jesus. It was a miracle, there is no doubt that it happened; and if we believe in that fact, we receive eternal life. Tomas finally believed; excited he said: “My Lord and my God!”

Jesus requires the same of us: “… blessed those who have not seen and have believed.” By faith, we will live eternally in the presence of our risen Lord.

Ildefonso Torres