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Justice or Ritual
Today’s Reading: Mathew 5:6
Justice is more pleasing to God than a religious ritual, because justice is one aspect of the character of God. So when injustice prevails, God’s name is desecrated.

Who is the son of God; he is the son of justice. And if the “sons of justice” didn’t take care of the compliance of justice where they live and act, justice will increase its scope of action. Our lives should be guided by normal and known integrity and a sense of justice; and more than that, a burning desire of justice. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Hunger and thirst for justice is not being “righteous” but to live every day under God’s principles and contribute to live under those principles that are around us. The child of God does not take justice into his own hands, but trusts in God and wait for His decision.

To trust God, who judges wisely, is not staying with arms crossed. We live according to the will of God and reject oppression, torture, violence, outrage, inequality, prejudice and other forms of injustice.

If in fact God’s justice reaches us through Christ, we will reflect in a natural way, by our conduct, the righteousness that God requires of man.

Ildefonso Torres