Today’s Reading: Matthew 22:36-40
We live in a cruel and inhuman world. People are treated as objects; as numbers; they are treated according to their distinction and bank account. That’s why many people feel rejected, cast aside, ignored.

What is the problem? The problem is that we have turned away from God and, therefore, cannot value ourselves or others. Many people live as if God did not exist what counts is the material; people are measured according to what they have.

In a materialistic and inhuman world, he lost respect for others and respect for oneself is lost. This is a tragedy, because as human beings made in the image of God, we have a special value in this world. According to the Bible, we must love our neighbor as ourselves. If someone cannot love himself, how you can he love other people and God?

Faith in Jesus Christ can change how we feel about ourselves and others. In Jesus we can perceive the real value of human beings before God. He gave his life to save us.

Trust in Jesus and know that you are a very special person.

Ildefonso Torres