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Today’s Reading: Proverbs 16:7
A psychiatrist said: “The emotional development of a child depends on a close, direct and continuing relationship with parents.” If this is true, how do the children of divorced parents manage?

In cases of separation from parents, 90% of children suffer, believing that they are rejected and abandoned. The roots, the family ties are falling apart and households are crumbling.

If the hope between husband and wife cause pain and so much sadness, even worse is the separation between man and God, his Creator. According to the Bible, God gives us life and breath and everything else; through him we live and move and have our being. We were created by God to live in Him and with Him. On the other hand, sin destroyed the perfect relationship we had with God and caused a great separation that can only be saved by Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

To live in peace with those around us, we need to be at peace with God. If we live apart from God, how can we live in harmony with others? Repentance renews our relationship with God and with men; and renewal brings harmony, peace and the end of separation and alienation.

Ildefonso Torres