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Today’s Reading: Philippians 4:13 ESV
An old story is being told about the devil’s decision to sell all of his tools. Among them were: hatred, malice, and many other instruments used to separate people from God. In a corner there was a section with a seemingly harmless instrument called “Discouragement”.

They asked the devil: Why is this instrument so expensive? And the devil said: “well, because this is the easiest instrument to use, as nobody imagines it’s mine” With this instrument, I can easily break the door of the heart. Discouragement leads people to quit and stop using love, justice, peace and all the detestable things of the Kingdom of God.”

That story illustrates a little-known truth: no battle is won with discouragement. Discouragement is synonymous with failure. Discouragement destroys our day, our will, and kills our hope and vitality.

The good news, however, is this: we were empowered to overcome discouragement. The Bible teaches us that we can face all situations with the power that Christ gives us.

Do not let discouragement control your life. On the contrary, have faith and feed your enthusiasm with the power of Christ. Prepare to fight, now!

Ildefonso Torres