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Rest -2
Today’s Reading:Matthew 11:28
For many people, to rest and enjoy life is almost a sin. “Work dignifies man,” they say. Because of that they work, work, work. We live in a generation of people who worship work and work late hours that should be devoted to rest.

One day, a small girl interrupted her father with these words: “Dad, I want to tell you something, but I’m going to say it quickly.” Sensing the frustration of the child, the father replied: “You can talk, dear, and you don’t need to talk fast, speak slowly.” The response of the small girl then, was immediate: “Slowly, dad! Are you sure?”

One of the reasons for us to rest is this: rest offers us the opportunity to reflect on the goodness and love of God. A friend, amid many commitments he considered urgent, had the beginning of heart stroke. Although he was helped, he had to remain at rest for two weeks. In that period, he asserted: “I had time to think about life and about God.”

Do not wait until an illness sends you to a hospital bed to think about life, death and God. Live your life with ease and make time to rest. And during the rest time, remember the love and goodness of God in your life.

Ildefonso Torres