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life 1
Today’s Reading: John 5:24-29
Life is much more than a cluster of cells, substances, white and red blood cells.

Life is much more than a physical body that wears out, grows old and dies over the years.

Life is much more than the intellectual part of the human being that amasses knowledge and information; it is endowed with reason that reaches certain conclusions.

Life is much more than the spirit, which is not consumed over time and is identified with the supernatural and the inexplicable.

Life is all of these: the substances that form the body, plus the mind and the spirit that the body is gifted with.

There is nothing in the world more important than our own life. However, life is threatened by sin — Threatened; sin that came along on birth, part of our own body that stained our mind and spirit.

To rid your life of sin, error and corruption, Jesus, the Son of God gave his life, dying in your place.

Now you can truly live, live forever! Long live the true life! Life in Jesus!

Ildefonso Torres