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Feel His presence
Today’s Reading:Romans 5:1-2
In contemplating the injustices and hardships of life, we think, “God abandon me!” “If God cares about his children,” people ask, “Why am I suffering?” But let me tell you, God cares; God loves you; God does not forget you. The problem arises from the idea we have of God. We think about God as a loving father, always ready to protect the lives of His children, to give them everything they ask without demanding anything in return.

Before asking: “Could it be that God abandoned me?” we should think a about this. Maybe it was not God who left us, but we who abandon and forgot God.

In Jesus, God came to meet us. In that encounter with Jesus, God made man, our selfishness, our evil, our materialistic and useless life is left behind. Our encounter with God marks a new direction. He forgives and forgets our sin and gives us the opportunity to begin a new life with Him.

God is more interested on you than you think. Seek God with sincerity and certainly you will find Him.

Ildefonso Torres