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God's Kingdom
Today’s Reading: Matthew 13:31-32 ESV
Jesus compared the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed, a small seed that preserves life within. Even being so small, it shelters inside, in embryonic form, the tree and its fruit.

The seed is a symbol of hope. It is small and doesn’t seem to be very important but, when planted, it develops and produces fruit. This is the ideal in the heart of people: It is hope that turns into acts of love and goodwill.

The disciples of Jesus time, like ours, are ordinary people who work, shop, suffer, but have something very special in their hearts.

To follow Christ is to be carried away by love, justice, joy and many other aspects that show the presence of the Kingdom of God in our lives. However, we cannot keep to ourselves these qualities of our new life. If they exist in us, we must share them.

We can ask ourselves: Do I live the joy of knowing God? Do I show the peace and love of God, in a crazy and lost world like ours? It will only be a drop of goodness in an ocean of evil and corruption. No, it’s not a drop of water in an ocean, it’s a tiny seed. It always germinates, grows and fructifies. This is the miracle of the Kingdom of God in the world!

Ildefonso Torres