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Salt Needed
Today’s Reading: Matthew 5:13 – ESV
For Jesus, his followers would be the salt of the earth. What is the meaning of those words of Jesus to the practical life of his followers? Consider two aspects of salt. First, the salt has a different flavor and function than the elements on which it operates. Second, salt penetrates the elements on which it is placed.

Just as salt has a different taste and function than the different elements of which it operates, Christians must preserve the values ​​that represent their identity. They should keep their ideals and principles, regardless of pressure or threats. Only then can they make an impact on society. The Christian is the salt of the earth. This means that their influence on society depends on their difference and not their intimacy with the world.

Just as salt preserves your food, the principles of morality and justice of the Christian faith have a force capable of controlling the selfish tendencies of men, preventing society from degenerating and ending in anarchy.

To preserve their identity, their values, ideals and principles, Christian produce radical changes in the society where they live. The disciples of Christ are called to bring the purity of Christ to a world where moral values ​​are low, changing or nonexistent.

Ildefonso Torres