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Today’s Reading Romans 12:2
A materialistic and consumer mentality is dominating our world. You treasure what you have and become driven to buy and spend more and more.

If you want to preserve your values, your beliefs and your lifestyle; you will be condemn and crushed by the forces of this consumer society where everything is disposable and instantaneous. Similarly, the concepts of morality, justice and love have been affected by this consumer mentality.

Radio, television and newspapers are used in a way that the interior virtues like faith, purity, integrity, humility and honesty, lose their strength and courage.

This new way of life leads people to believe that happiness is found in consumer goods. There is excitement in consumer goods, there is an exaltation of pleasure, and the values ​​that regulate human beings are regarded as repressive.

These new lifestyle constitute a threat to our faith and oppose the existence of the principles and virtues that bring much joy to the heart of God.

We need to learn with Paul: “Be not conformed to this world …” It is necessary to feel the greatness of the Christian faith to understand that no possessions can exceed the pleasure of God’s faithfulness.

Ildefonso Torres