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Today’s Reading: Luke:23-34 – CEV
Judas betrays his Master and then, desperately, committed suicide. If Judas had waited, he would have heard from the lips of Jesus, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” If Jesus forgave his murderers, wouldn’t he also forgive those who betrayed him? But Judas gave up too soon! He gave up God, he gave Jesus Christ he gave up on himself. Judas saw too late that Jesus was too good to be betrayed, but he never saw that Jesus was God and that he could believe in Him. If he had waited a little!

What do you expect from life? What problems need solving? What sins must be forgiven? What hope lamp has gone in your life that needs to be lit again? What fears do you have that need to be overcome?

The Lord resurrected in the person who will bring forgiveness, peace, joy and direction in life. But you need to believe and wait.

The great tragedy in the life of Judas was not that he betray Jesus, but that he could not wait. He gave up very soon.

Jesus died to forgive your sins, and rose again for you to have life. Therefore, do not ever give up on Jesus.

Ildefonso Torres