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Divorced From God-2
Reading Today: Jeremiah 3:8 Version ESV
Divorce is included in the laws of most countries in the world. When the divorce law was passed in Brazil an eminent philosopher said: “Neither divorce destroys the family, nor the insolubility of marriage may, by itself save it.”

True statement. The divorce law itself does not divide the married, causing anguish and family problems. Divorce does not begin in the body of laws of a country, but in the hearts of people.

A hard and insensitive heart belongs to the one who is divorced from God. Living separated from God and His fellowship, men and women become vulnerable to the loss of their values. This brings differences that appear to have no solution even when we truly can found them in God. Divorce is the consequence of being divorced from God.

Reconciliation with God is, therefore, primarily for reconciliation in the family. In the one case as in the other, you need to acknowledge mistakes and seek the path of forgiveness and love. Divorced from God we cannot maintain a permanent union. You have to be married to God…

Ildefonso Torres