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loneliness 2
Today’s Reading:John 16:32 Version ESV
Sitting on a garden bench, was an old sleepy, sad and lonely man affected by the loneliness that usually approaches the elderly.

Loneliness is sometimes felt among many people in the big cities, among strangers who pass quickly, without time to even say good morning. But we can also be very lonely in the middle of the family with us.

To confront the sunset of life with dignity, peace and serenity, you must have faith in God. To have much faith is also to have the experience of the intimate communion with God. One must learn to talk to God and tell Him what happens in our heart.

It must feel, in the silence of solitude, the presence of the unchanging God, who was the same yesterday, today and is the same forever. That awesome intimacy with God that helps us confront the difficult and turbulent situations. It helps us face the tiredness and problems of old age.

It is good to have Jesus on our side, in difficult days and the lonely old age, not to feel lonely and abandoned. Jesus is always near, right there next to you.

Ildefonso Torres