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The Marriage
Today’s Reading:Genesis 1:28-29
Could it be that marriage is out of fashion? Unfortunately, many think so. They reach the point of saying; marriage has lost its value as the basis of society.

For some, marriage is like a golden cage, a sweet prison. It looks at the wife as the “handbrake or the rein”, and the husband as a “corporal of the guard or a powerful male.” So, because of these conflicting positions, marriage has fallen into disrepute in a progressive society and intellectualized.

However, marriage is a divine institution. Human institutions are corrupt, fail and remain stagnant, but not so with God’s institutions. And if God instituted marriage, He provided the vital principles for proper operation. Happy are those who apply God’s principles in their family relationships! It may seem difficult at first, but following the directions of God is the only remedy for our conflicts and marital problems.

God’s principles are not only a remedy for the problems, but also the way forward to achieve happiness, personal satisfaction and true communion between man and woman.

Ildefonso Torres