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To Live -1
Today’s Reading: Philippians+1:21-26 Version CEV
In the times we are living, everything is limited: money, food, friends, loyalty, honesty, sincerity, kindness.

We are going through a time when everything comes out of the pocket, passes through the dining room table and barely touches the heart. Everybody demands something in life!

There are a lot of unhappy people, balancing life on a tight rope, trying to survive. All these people are changing sweat for food; work for the right to live. Is this perhaps life? Then, to live is not so easy. Life is a constant struggle where to win is just to stay the same, to participate. We should not be discouraged by the difficulties or back up away from obstacles.

In order for us to overcome life problems we need energy, security and trust in God. That is the only way to prevail, to face life. Life is like a river of clear and pure water that feeds foliage around our garden. To live is to have something inside, it is to be filled with the Spirit of God. To live is to have Jesus in your heart!

Ildefonso Torres