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Today’s Reading:1Peter 5: Version NIV
Difficulties and problems will never walk alone. Anxiety always accompanies them.

Anxiety is it the pain that causes insecurity; is the affliction of waiting for solutions that no one knows whether they will be possible. It is necessary to eliminate the anxiety to avoid hasty decisions, measures that do not solve anything and despair facing a crisis or problem.

You must submit all your anxiety to God; your lack of security and tranquility too. This is not an evasive attitude or that of someone who flees from difficulties; on the contrary, it is a decisive step of faith for the solution of every problem. To give God all your anxiety is to believe in His goodness and His ability to look after us and provide what we need in our lives.

This security completely removes the causes of anxiety, namely anxiety and insecurity.

To submit your insecurity into the hands of God is an attitude of faith that brings back calmness to your life, serenity, hope and strength that redouble your power to resist all kinds of difficulties.

Ildefonso Torres