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Techology & Shortage
Today’s Reading: John 8:12
Today, in most developed centers of population, the average life expectancy of people rises from year to year. Not long ago, the average life of a man was just 50 years. Today, thanks to various factors and resources of medicine, a man can expect to live an average of 65-75 years.

In a way, technological progress, electronics and human resources have become indispensable tools for prolonging life. But they come at a time when any technological device gets back to a disappointed life, near death patient. You cannot do much more for a patient who is in a vegetative state, that is, which remains alive thanks to the aid of sophisticated machines and equipment.

It is then that human resources are exhausted, and we can only rely on our faith. The faith that moves mountains; faith in the person who understands the human being: God! God, Creator of all of us and giver of life in Christ Jesus.

Do not wait until everything fails and you have no strength to turn to Him. Look to Jesus now!

Ildefonso Torres