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Matter of Values
Today’s Reading: Matthew 6:33 Version CEV
Millions of people around the world are betting on sporting events, lotteries, horse racing, casinos or other kinds of gambling. You can imagine a crowd of more poor people than rich people, rich and poor, walking towards the place where they make their bets,

The economic instability of our world, insecure jobs, the desire to get rich, to have possessions, power and prestige, are the reasons that a person is called to gamble.

Wealth does not bring more joy, more peace, more love and more security to the heart of anyone. Just look at the life of the richest people in the world to realize this. The joys, peace, internal security, are not the product of wealth, poverty, circumstances or events that we see around us.

Safety in our future relations, true love, true peace and permanent joy are the result of a communion with God. All this is a privilege of those who put order in the values ​​of their own lives; those who put the kingdom and God’s will first.

Put the kingdom of God and what He wants in the first place of your life, and He will give you all the other things.

Ildefonso Torres.