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Better World
Today’s Reading: Psalm 104:31-35 Version=CEV
There are moments in history when some discoveries completely change the course of events. This happened at the time of the discoveries of fire, writing, the invention of money and electricity.

Now is the time for the electronics and information. Today, we are living in a new world, a new era. Now we live in a revolution that have changed the course of history and accelerated the pace of man’s conquests.

Computers are present at airports, industries, offices and factories. In our homes they are already part of our daily lives.

The new generation of smart phones (smartphones) that has flooded the market for consumer technology in recent years has given way to the “tablets” or touch pads, a lightweight device that integrate the best features of a mobile phone and a computer.

Could we say that this new technology, which has brought a new way of life, brings the hope that man can better understand their peers? Will this be possible without man turning against his Creator? Is it possible that man can live better, even with the technology available today, without God and his commandments?

We know that’s not possible! The advancement of science and advances in information can bring many benefits, but never fill the emptiness of heart. That void only God fills.

Ildefonso Torres