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Fertile Land
Today’s Reading Luke 7:36-50 Version – CEV
Simon, an important man in the city, made a formal invitation to Jesus to come to dinner with him. Jesus accepted the invitation and went to Simon’s house for dinner. In the middle of dinner, a prostitute in this city entered the room and knelt at the feet of Jesus.

Simon, always suspicious, stood watching this intruder and thought, “This man, if he were a prophet, would know who and what kind of woman this is who touches him, she is a sinner.”

Jesus not only knew about the fame of the woman weeping at his feet, but also that her tears were sincere. Jesus could see into her heart.

Simon could only see a sinful woman who touched Jesus’ feet and suspicious of the authenticity of Jesus for allowing that to happen. Jesus not only looked at the heart of women, but also to the heart of his host, Simon.

At the heart of the woman she had sincere repentance; in the heart of man there was arrogance and self-sufficiency.

That story ended this way: Jesus was just passing by the house of Simon. However, Jesus lived permanently in the heart and life of the sinful woman, because her heart was fertile ground.

Ildefonso Torres