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True or False
Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 10:2, 19:13 Version CEV
It is said that the horoscope is equal to a political speech, everyone pays attention but nobody believes it. However, each day more people listen or read the zodiacal horoscopes predictions.

According to psychologists, this is happening because it’s fun and joyous for people, and everything leads to the pastime arena. However, if the horoscope is just fun, why so many people are concerned about their predictions and pay to “professionals” and spend money on astrological charts?

Deep down, people know that the horoscope is not a serious thing, for the simple reason that the stars and planets, distant and lifeless, cannot interfere with daily life and the destiny of people.

Some intellect and common sense will show that God, the Creator of all things, is the only one who has the power to predetermine and take care of our future. The stars cannot, but the Creator of the stars can control the destiny of men.

Place your past, present and future in God’s hands. He forgives the mistakes of our past; He directs the present and gives us hope for the future! “The wonderful deeds of God in the past bring light to the present for the hope of the future!”

Ildefonso Torres